Friday, April 23, 2010

Delicious Night --> Morning

I'm obsessed with caffeine, especially Nescafe, coffee? so-so. the consequences I got is I still cant sleep till Subuh and maybe till tomorrow morning when my mak get ready to go to pasar, then back from pasar then continue prepared us a meal  then and then and till now -huh I hate with this circumstances when I'm got stuck to handle with my problem- 
some people say caffeine is not good for health, but some said it very useful for our body, increase our metabolism , and of course help to accompany  us to stay up till the next days, gets us to be fresh all the day, but your eyes will get eyes-bag don't worry, eyes-bag will say hye-hye to you, and bye-bye when u able to work-out from your unscheduled sleeping time problem.
So talking bout coffee, nescafe and bla bla, which spot of lepaking you prefer with ?                       
Starbucks is just awesome with the green-wood decoration, how their waitress/waiter entertain us by explain in very detail all the menu  and smile of course. I just feel great.I will stopped  by at Starbucks just to take a cool drink break. I'm not showing off  !! hey come on, if you see someone enter Starbucks doesn't mean she/he want to show-off okay, I know not everyone can afford RM15 coffees, yet for many students, these have become the standard benchmark for acceptance. guys come on,  this is the time you want to buy anything you want, then when you got married, of course you have a lot of burden to carry right?. so, to spend RM15 for only one cup of Nescafe or Coffee on that time is not affordable at all unless you already in stable income per month, then every night you are welcome to Starbucks. so never simply judge but observe with a positive mind...

 Fast food restaurant

this is another my favorite spot to lepak either with my friends or siblings!! of course I choose Mcd hee. oh yea Mcd Seberang Prai is always in my hearth wuahwahhaa, why? absolutely due to decoration yang cun tuu, an always in crowd with people heeh and 24 hours operations of business !


whose say zai tak layan mapley? tossei mapley always in my stomach.hehee, this spot will be my in  list if duit dah nipis, yeah with only RM1++ cup of tea tarik yang super delicious (that why, malaysian have tons of patient who suffered diabetes, high blood pressure, hearth attack etc ), siapa yang taknak kan. tell me ?? but why guys suka lepak mapley huh ?

My Mak's Kitchen 

heh, my last choice in case I try to be the modern-super girl and am no ordinary consumer. As such, I declare that our real fiscal benchmark is the SPI ( Super girl Price Index), which all the expenditure will be control strictly due to shortage of money. With my mak kitchen,  everything is free, 3in1 nescafe just cool !!

I do think everyone has different views on this matter ... so tell me which favorite lepaking spot you like better ?


Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

starbucks aku tak suka sebab yahudi..
better aku pekena teh tarik kt mamak or warung aner2/..

Merah Baldu said...

wah..long dah bersuara...i pun ska starbuck sma la kite..hahah.klu kat s.alam suka pak li kopitiam..mamak mmg tpt fevret tuk cr tosai..say no to teh tarik ok..

cik bunbun said...

hohooo :D tak suka coffee. muahahaha:D
nnti tokleh tido macam sis. ahaks;P

Anonymous said...

err.. xpnah msk starbuck.. keh2

eh.. bwu pasn long kumen cm2..>.<"

zaizax said...

long: wah, long coment, xpnh coment before neh.heeh yahudi? bnyk lg benda2 lain yg kita guna yahudi, teh tarik mamak warunf mmg best long

merah: tula pasal hee. nakp pak li kopitiam!!! teh tarik mmg bkn febret

cikbunbun: haa, baguih..don pratice, nnt kamo jadi kelawar tgh2 mlm

macy: kena try masuk, best, sekali sekala cuba tak rugi

╚► capital S hana ◄╗ said...

mak pnye paling bestt

zaizax said...

hana: betoi betoi setuju

Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

aku komen lagi..
sbb ad bnyak tu la kita nk kena kurgkn lgi..hehehe

zaizax said...

long: haha, sila sila kan long, bnyk2 lagi suko..
tapi masalahnya benda yg market kt malaysia ne kan msotly necessity good, yg kita pakai hari2, bngn2 pagi dah gosok gigi, guna apa? Colgate kan? jenama lain xsodap ahha, nak guna alternative lain? Listerine, sama juga..takpela guna je kayu sugi bersih lagi suci..ceceyy

FaTiN said...

suka kopi suka nescafe hihihi
purposely minum nescafe malam2 untuk stay up
dan minum lagi pada waktu pagi utk tahan ngantuk. and if ada class pukul 2 petang( waktu puncak ), i'll have another one supaya boleh masuk lecture. sampai lah satu saat, badan dah immune dengan kafein. oh zai! fatin belum pernah masuk starbucks. nak tunggu zai belanja hahaha

theSkycrapper said...

not really a coffee fan. nway. nice info zai..=)

cEro said...

aku plak, kalo minum kopi, kira smpai 5 mesti sakit perut dan perlu detect toilet dlm masa 2 min..
caffeine intolerant..

zaizax said...

fatin: wo agak2 la fatin ne, siang malam minum, mmg super immune dgn caffein. zai ambik time mlm, time nak study saja. nak tggu zai belanja ? boleh ja bila zai dah dapat kejar my c.micheal murray.

skycrapper : not a coffee fan? but might be nescafe fan ? possible..

zaizax said...

cero: wowo, ko ne mmg kena bawak movable toilet lah neh ahha habis tu nak tahan mata time study ko minum ape. susu? confirm lepas minum 5mnt, terus mata stim punyalah

Anonymous said...

sbnarnya bnyk jer pilihn len..
just terpullg kpd kita ntuk memilih..\eh, ubah setting komen box nie..
wt cm aku pnya..
sng skit nk komen..

zaizax said...

yeryer, aku ubah ne..aku igt blog aku takde word verification sbb aku coment xyah taruk pon--asl bengap sgt neh-

betoi, terpulang dkt diri sendiri, nak wut decision kan

DeVoteD LilY said...

setabak best tp mahai.. ngeh3..
tp kdg2 bile teringin beli jek..
sbb da sedap..

zaizax said...

lily: kalo nak murah cket, try Francisco kot xsure la ape... jual set lagi taw, aritu zai beli 1 free 1..wauwau

Syida Shukor said...

zai , i boleh minum coffee for the first time and it works . i cant sleep the whole night and bagus untuk study dan onlining haha . but the second time i minum , it never works . it always does . nape eh ?

sasha* said...

u boleh geng dgn i la hantu nescafe i suka yg buat sendiri.lg sedap.pastu bakal mak mertua i pn puji nescafe i sedap haha :P

starbucks tak suka sbb yahudi.ada satu mapley i suka nescafe dia everytime i pg mmg rasa dia sama dan sedap sgt.kat jalan alur,bukit bintang

zaizax said...

syida : study ok, on9 ? eh eh xbagus2..maybe dah immune kot dgn kamo, u try minum coffee jrg2, maybe it works

shasha : suka la tu ur future mum in law puji, nnt2 u blk je, mesti dia suh u bancuhkan.aha, boleh buat utk zai??
bb tahula..zai stay kdh la, so tmpt lepak kt kl tu tak expert sgt but thx for the info, mana taw nnt bolh pegi


I prefer tea..

lipton satu! HAHAHA

zaizax said...

tukang kata: ups, kedai tutup he2x

sasha* said...

haha mmg skrg i kalau pg rumah dia bfast mak dia ckp 'sasha buat nescafe' :P

oh i ingat u duk area kl.sorry