Thursday, May 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye..

# referring to my post's title, Am say YES. 

# am took half day work today just to settle up things that should be settle before 3rd May (last minute work). Benda-benda penting ni dah selalu sangat terlepas pandang. bad me ! procrastination is my good soul mates .

# I went to UPM and bumped into someone (rude female's driver + foreign student) with a bad attitude. disrespect, not tolerant, and what's  more selfish ! the worst driver I ever meet okay. She spoiled up my first day been there (formally alone). I am not wondering why their car kemik sana-sini, kotor sebab dorang just belasah suka hati je, drive kereta macam drive 4we drive car. I should say, Orang Malaysia bawa kereta lebih sopan dan hormat one another. 

# Talking about car, I've problem to handle my car. I'am a proud owner to a white car. Unfortunately bila bab-bab untuk jaga kereta, I'll be a bit cuckoo .   Dengan cuaca Malaysia sekarang yang asyik hujan setiap petang , its not easy for me to maintain the car in a good condition as always. Kalau biar je kotor-kotor asap kereta yang berminyak tu, all the dust or swirl  will happily stick on my car more longer. Can you imagine, every weekend I'll spent my golden time just to wash them. EVERY WEEKEND ya, I told you. Some of you must be wondering why am not just send them to a car wash ? my answer is simple,  I'am not a Millionaires.  Choosing a white color is not a wise decision if you're type of person that not-really particular about hows your car will looks like . So yeahh its a nice color to have but it may takes more effort to maintain a white colored car's appearance. Just washed them regularly, it will sparkling shine all the time. 

Till then and take care yaa !!