Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013/04 : HIDUP

Hye and Assalamulaikum !!

# yeay no more word UNEMPLOYED in my life for last couple weeks. ALHAMDULLILAH

# currently working with one of company secretary's firm somewhere close to William's stall. ahak!

# but, what am reluctantly and somewhat feel guilty salary. Does it enough to support my monthly expenditures? am so so so so bad in term of managing my money, cuz am always think my cash is quite tick in my wallet and am have to spend spend spend and spend them !

#  I've to spend  alott of my one month salary just to pay for petrol, toll, and car park. FYI, am travelling back and forth from Putrajaya to KJ.

# it means, am need to revise my budget and cut things that is not necessary.

# my mak@ayah always pesan lah "if kita buat sesuatu kerja dengan niat yang baik, dengan cara yang betul, selalu ingat kepada Allah swt, selalu sembahyang, berdoa kepadaNya, InsyaAllah, rezeki yang ada tu mampu cover hidup kita" here we goes, my alarm !

# need to wake up as early as I could do, just to avoid myself from massive jam at IOI Puchong, and Sunway's tol & exit Sunway. If lewat 5 minit pun, it could change your morning, datang lambat la ekau!

# but now am looking for any room/house nearby to rent. kalau boleh, somewhere that close to my office, Sunwaymas Commercial Centre. somewhere  that not expensive because i only spend my weekday dekat rumah tu je, my weekend will totally dekat Putrajaya lah..any ideas ?

# ok lah, till then and assalamualaikum ! have a good days ahead

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Dylla Fadzil said...

Tahniah dah dapat kerja :) Mesti best kan dah ada income sendiri :)