Saturday, March 2, 2013

Veil For Rent, Veil Untuk Disewa

Hye fiancee or bride to be !!

I'll would like to announce good news to you, gorgeous girl that... my sister's veil is now available for rental.
Yeppie !! Since nobody going to wear them either going to pasar/ office/kenduri-kendara  so lebih baik lah veil itu disewakan kepada orang yang lebih memerlukannya. Its only been wear once so can you guess lah how the condition of the veil kan.

Here is the veil's description :


Color - Light blue
Material - Chiffon patch with french lace 
Design - Just a simple pearl
Length - waist length (  her height is 170 cm so basically lower than her hips )
Rental price - RM55 (included postage if required)

 over lighting exposure


Color - Light yellow
Material - Chiffon patch with french lace 
Design - Just a simple pearl, but this one come together with the small shawl
Length - fingertips ( this one is much shorter than the above mention veil, aras punggung )
Rental price - RM55 (included postage if required)

sorry, I takde sample picture bride tengah berdiri, since i didnt kept that official picture from photographer

ooh yea, few term&condition you need to comply with which are :

1. Deposit RM30 must be made just to confirm and and to guarantee that you are interested enough to rent 
2. Rent is only for 7 days (additional cost will be charged for rental day extension)
3. Self pick up at Putrajaya area or Jitra (Kedah) in case i was in my hometown.

If you girls interested,hurry up!! Just drop me your email at or pm me at my FB for more inquiry.