Friday, January 11, 2013

2013/03: RED


# Growing up as a ladies , you need to grooming yourself especially when people surrounding  you are beautiful natural beauty ladies and gorgeous.

# My current obsession is this red stick or known as lipstick. ok now i manage to find out why it was named as a lipstick.

# This is my first time ever lipstick I've bought u knoe.

# And luckily its doesn't looks like so makcik-makcik pegi pasar , it just a light red color.

# I can guarantee you, its not going to ruin your day if you wore it , but simply help to pop up your looks especially when u wake up late and you run out of time, stuck in the massive jam but still want to look stunning wooow !!

# So, you better get yourself one pronto!

# Mine is from shu uemura.

no regret after all 

im so lazy to put the makeup on my face, then its really helping me out from my zone 

Assalamualaikum, till then and take care yourself.

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