Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013/02: GROWING UP


# Today is 10 January 2013- its just a random normal day. ( should i need to repeat back the date padehal at the bottom of my entry ni kan dah ada date heh?)

# Am so concern about the year, lemme tell I'm 24 years old this year

# Talking about year, am realize im getting older. no more sweet 19,20,21,22. haishh

# When we were little kids we wanted to grow up so fast. I remember when I was young, I cant wait to be 18  so I could get my own driving lessen, move to university and live my life to the fullest without needs to report any minutes to my parents, financially freedom, and bla bla bla. Now, I grown up and what I really wanted  are my kids and high school life!

# We are too busy growing up that we forget our parents are growing old  ( i miss my parents already)

# At my age, im doing nothing to pay back to my parents, and now you know what am doing? NOTHING! no works, no paper, no pens, no table, no meetings, no office attire just  strike pajamas.

# When people at my age,most probably my friends out there busy to do that, to do this, plan for the future, further their professional study in ICSA, making the connection with those datuk,ceo,dg, and me just staying at home, and feel so relax !

# Im so useless ! that what i felt now

# When people start asking me what is your plan for this new year. Am proudly replied "am never plan for my future"..then naah you see what am facing at the moment.

unemployed !! (starting yesterday)

# I should move on. start my future planning ! life is tough dear.

Assalamualaikum,till then and take care yourself.

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