Monday, January 7, 2013

2013/01 : SUDDENLY

Hey Assalamualaikum

# Tonight is AJL night. Bravo to Aizat Hamdan on behalf of  Yuna Zarai (hearth both of them so much).

# 12.35 am i still awake, bravo again!

# Tomorrow is the day I should put "PISSED ME OFF MOOD" note on my table/just to inform my colleague .hahaha run baby run !!!

# Please behave yourself during the meeting. Don't clumsy little girl. They not going to bite u like they are eating bahulu cicah kopi. Just stay calm, maintain your good posture and smile.

# The day after tomorrow is hilarious! 

# My suddenly-to-be-appear chicken pox is getting better. Alhamdullilah, they not even left any scar or tattoos on my skin. tocey tocey!

# When we decided to move out and stay far away from each other, this is the things we should do at the first place. I'm so okay with that ;-)

# 2013 will be my year of INDEPENDENTS+DISCIPLINE.

# I want to fly high, things is all in my hand. get them move dear !!

# Hopefully my comings day is not the same as the previous one.

# Lastly, good night peeps. Jangan lupa baca ini "Dengan menyebut namaMu YA ALLAH aku hidup dan dengan nama MU jua aku akan mati" ?

# Assalamualaikum, till then and take care yourself .