Thursday, November 24, 2011

back-to back twilight

i might be one of those people who has vampire blood (o,O).  twilight saga breaking dawn treated me well..first scene of course la they show off Taylor's abs kan..nak bagi girls jerit2 dalam cinema tu. it not really bosan compared to the previous one yang agak slow sikit and this time more spontaneous humor. oomaigosh, why vampire spouse very romantic! my friends keeps saying i want vampire like Edward Cullen to be her boyfriend. you just dream on it laa. oh yea, the most part i love is during their honeymoon at Brazil, gile romantic and how nice edward treat bella as his wife. plus, dress bella for her wedding tu very simple and gorgeous!! i think i should buy series of Stephenie Meyer's vampire books after this and be part of them hahaa..and again, dream on it laa woohooi . some dialogue yang i still can recall (i suka sangat kott)
              Jacob Black : If you kill her, you kill me!
              Edward Cullen : What's a wedding without some family drama?
              Bella Swan : E.J Edward Jacob

twilight saga breaking down part two will be on December 2012, kenapa lama sangat huh?? i cant wait to see bella swan as a vampire yang sangat gelojoh.

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ain dzaya said...

siyesly,, mata edward cullen seksi gilerr.