Saturday, September 17, 2011

010: IKEA stuff

assalamualaikum and alorhaaa

i slightly  obsessed to dress up my room. i'm really in mood to decorate anything. its kinda of refreshing my mind when i able to do so. but of coz la  i need to invest some money just to get thing done. so tempat yg paling syok dekat Malaysia ni so far semestinya IKEA. when we say IKEA, people will imagine 2 things, first of coz its superb decor and secondly is  their meatballs . nyum nyum.

i don't get any idea on what color should i pick to decorate my bedroom . when i means my bedroom it actually referring to small room at my hostel. Before i touch down to my collage on 11 Sept, i sempat laa dropped by at IKEA just to curi some idea that suit with my room dekat hostel tu. i just want to rearrange my space just to make sure that i'm not boring yale yalee with the same stuff that i'm keep repeating used since i did my diploma.. boleh imagine tak betaaapa bosan nya if u still used the same things over and over again for 3 years ?? 

so i rasa sem ni i nak girlish2 sikit and jadi mak mak yang suka bunga so i beli la some flowers from ikea. its fake flower sebab tak kuasa i nak jaga fresh flower dekat dalam hostel ni kan. takdak masa nak kelebet-kelebet bunga tu air kurang ke, baja kurang ke, vitamin cukup ke tak.

it supposed to be place in vase tapi i still tak beli vase die so i put it together with my stationery stuff ghee

i really adore this combination of color . you all boleh click dkt link ni since i tak boleh nak copy the picture. the idea comes from aishah amin. very simple and tak crowded with too much furniture. so sesuai sangat la untuk orang bujang kan.


Aida Effarina said...

waaa rajinnya sis decorate hostel. sy punya hostel tak decorate pape pun, board pun semua kertas putih, suci murni gitu (dasar pemalas kan) :P

zai said...

aidaa! exm nk dkt pun still bw kah? hahah...awal2 sem bilik sis organize la sket tp masuk tgh2 sem semua jd serabut..hahah