Saturday, March 12, 2011

another hoby you should watch-out !

and again, my lame blog is getting to warm-up.  currently  Me start to change my passionate. fall in love with challenging sports. brah brah brah. it obviously awesooome !!!  (imitate style from IniAnwarHadi ) do watch out his video peeps. so i take the challenge to register as part of cycling community which we voluntarily get our body to be injured. ha.ha. Apa yang extreme sangat yang kau kecoh-kecoh ni ? it mountain bike bebb. another tough activity all people can join, but yea no doubt its quite costly to invest your money to buy the bicycle. (i really mean it) you can pay down payment for kancil ok to get that bicycle. So last week we did go to Taman Cabaran, Putrajaya just to test out our human endurance. kental ke kencur ?

part of the bicycle
go-go red team!orang lain semua semangat, wan boleh pula tido. susah nak capture muka dia sebab asyik mata nak tidoo je. so nahh. meera (in yellow scarf) hanya bermotivasi pada permulaan sahaja dan kemudiannya, bayangan meera lesap dari flash camera. seba sebab sebab sebabbb.....bersambung

doing some checking, wheel botak ke ada bunga ? disc brake function ke tak ?

he gives us some explanation before we start riding

starting point of the challenges obstacle in the jungle , it off-road cycling . tudung senget ke apa ke dah tak kisah. at this point, apa yang penting is to control our breath

deyy, helmet tu penting laah. time ni tiba-tiba dengar suara perempuan menjerit dalam hutan. it shocking us !! its meera . she got some minor accident since she cant control her bicycle and heat the tree. and she kiss that tree.ha.ha. oh yea, she suffered some badly wounded in her face. so, dia just stop dekat situ sahaja....poor you meera.

take a 5 minute break before balik ke daratan. tengok macam tak penat kan just macam lepak2 but seriously it make you sweating more than normal . one of my friends dah mcm nak vomit.  we all terlupa nak bawa mineral water that why jadi macam ni. actually before start, we did take some glucose for additional energy, so we thought that just enough.rupa2nya tidak sama sekali.

tengok tudung wan tu, kan orang cakap berpeluh. pic tgh riding tak banyak since sorang pun tak bawa camera, sayang camera lah katakan.

she still can smile . satisfaction.haha.sebab it fun yaw, you get the price. experience.
time to say bye-bye. bicycle pun naik bus tau

entry lame ni banyak sangat gambar nak loading,sorry.
ok, Bye