Monday, November 15, 2010

jangan lupa benda yang wajib

" Labbaik Allah Humma Labbaik Labbaik ala Shareeka laka Labbaik Innil Hamda Wan Ni'mata Laka wal Mulk La Shareeka Lak "
( Holy Hajj and Eid Mubarak To everyone, May ALLAH ALL MIGHTY , pardon our sins, bless us and show the right path ) Amin..
at Hudaibiah, but i forgot what the exact name of this place.its a museum actually.

 thanks Allah swt for giving me the opportunity to visit Mekah as well as big thanks to my parents, luve them so much truly from bottom of my heart.
i learn i gain so much experience for almost 1 month, spending my time at mekah and madinah
from the people, culture, food (of course), to move very fast i means here we need to walk fast, how to behave and to be patient in every single things, teach me to wake up too early in the morning just to go to MasjidilHaram to perform solah since the mosque will be crowded with people and to avoid yourself praying on the road, knew the new language moya is water,  how to approach people from different country, how to respect the older, to see the poor kids asked for the money and sing along this song ' sabillillah ha'illallah '..its funny becoz they sing with the sleepy face, poor them cute kids.. and of coz teach me to be so humble as a ummah.
 one more things i wanna share. second day dekat mekah, dalam masjid, ada makcik from kelana jaya. she setting behind me. she thought sy pelajar situ, and i'm definitely denied it.ahha. then she start crying over me after i cakap umor i berapa cuz anak perempuan dia sama umur dgn zai baru saja meninggal dunia. i'm so pity with her and little bit shock sebab dia menangis teresak-esak. it means to me . 
at Madinatul hijjaz,just before we going back to Jeddah. the weather is so cold. mak cik ni sangat baik, i miss h
hopefully  i get a second chances .amin!