Thursday, November 18, 2010

i got he in my life :)

it's Friday night
u got nothing to do
u started to say life is to boring, to suck, to empty and yet life is complicated 
(you not homosapiens to think so )
it starts before we're ready, it continues while we're still trying to figure out the point of it
and it ends long before we've worked out just what to do
that what i feel....felt and down
hey, wake up! u are the headmaster of your mind.
u control the whole system in every single function of your human body
come on, don't feel u are useless just because of one matter, then you dragged your minor problem to the major problem. 
u ought to be  thoroughly ashamed of yourself for making that sense !
yea, bravo big clap to you Zai. you done it very well (my devil said in a whisper) 
I'm do realize I made a boo-boos there.. then now, time to wake up and put your step in the reality life not imagination world
your delusional world never bring happiness, it just awhile 
everyone feel it, i vow !! 
and should i say good morning everyone with sincere smile, go away my fake smile...gooh

just before i'm going out, waiting for others and I camwhored my freaky freakiest face

 see, did i told u.go away my fake smile. so here we go  my sincere smile
i got 'HE' in my life..he is my darl lappy -my second compaq
and yeaa everyone love he, don't hesitate to say yes dear
 the camera freak girl wouldn't miss a chance to snap some photos
once again, everyone lov it,  rite?
don't feel suspicious to capture your own, becuz you deserved to
ignore what people say, what the perception people toward u
and your perception toward me.......
ugly-betty-pretty-cheeky not hot chick-just syox sendiri-do i care?
i know, 1st impression people toward me is MATURED
then when u start to make conversation with me, your perception will change
(most my sister's friend said that )
please, i'm not matured as you imagine
the word 'matured' only appear when i'm start to open my book, my note, concentrate on my lecture w.s.e
then, you will no longer hear my huhu face
only gesture will describe me.

- people don't lie please-