Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes I am

If you ask her, Why does she dress on such that way ?
All covered up in a world that gives it all away
and proudly she say
I am a Muslim

If you ask me, Surely it cant be
You give your way so free
And you say your life is charity
It isn't hard to see
I am a Muslim

If you ask him, Why does he still pray ?
Five times a day
When so many other have strayed
Smiling he would say
I am a Muslim

If you ask me, Why do I love you ?
No matter where you are
We are the greatest ummah
With the beating of our hearth
We are Muslims

And I know you forgive my sins
And I know you conceal my defects
And I almost wailing because of my regrets
How I wish I never whisper to you one day
I disobey to you, Ya Allah
And I know you forgive my sins..Insyallah amin

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said :
" the one who fears will walk in darkness, and if he walk in darkness (meaning if he took all reason to reach his goal) he will reach his final destination. Allah's commodity is expensive, Allah's commodity is Al-Janna. "


iemaZAIMAH said...

sy nak like this post berjuta kali boleh? =)

zai said...

iema : boleh boleh dialu-alukan. nak like sis pun boleh gak haha

Anonymous said...

so tacing..

zai, im proud that im a muslim :D

zai said...

macy ; heee, saja nak bt entry touching kasi macy nangeh (xkot)