Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today Books

Today is Valentine Day, but yet I do not celebrate it..but since today is day to love (tp hari2 lain pon boleh ape) I would like to propose to you guys either to read, to make it as a present for your special one (special one doesn't mean your couple,but your parents,your friends, your siblings as well )  and blabla is up to you..this book name "CHICKEN SOUP for the COUPLE'S SOUL".

I  just have a quick reading with this book after terpandang buku ni at my brother's home,time tu tgh mencarik something but ape-yg-dicari-xdpt-apa-yg-tak-dicari dapat-Yesss lastly I got it !! before ne agak lame tercari-cari buku ni since ade one of my friends ade tanye Zai  
'pnah bace x buku Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul ? '..and 
I replied back 'buku ape tu, buku masak ker? ' sigh, 
then he said you must read this book, xrugi (laughing) ahhaa..and after bace the half of the book, mmg woooooooow !

here the book, the medicine of love..

act buku ne dh lame dipublished at the market and reprinted in 1998, but now in 2010, baru aku dapat bace buku ne.hohh dah agakk lame lain semua dah khatam bape kali dah,dah lenyai kulit buku tu, aku je baru dapat bace..uishh

this book basically is the collection of stories about love, romance and relationships whether you are already in love or have yet to meet that special someone. so, to those yg ade jiwa sensitive not jiwa kacau ehh are most allowed to read this book. this book will make our heart sing (just a slow song not hiphop ker rock ker dan seangkatan dgnye), you'll learn to better understand your partner and you'll come away feeling more in love than ever before. (its rite,seriously I vowed..)
I give 10 over 10 for this book because successful touching my heart yerla, aku yg b4 ne agk keras hati dan jiwa pon jadi lembut sebentar.after I grabbed this book, ape2 msg,ape2 cerite yg ade d tv,ape2 jeritan yg b'kumandang di kwasan umh aku tidak akn my mid term sem break was fully utilize to finish up this book asap !! 

p/s credit to k.ati (my SISinLAW) and fatehah bg pinjam buku ne

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