Thursday, February 11, 2010

U not sweet anymore..SHAH

SHAH?sape Shah ?she my sister.kenape I tulis mcm tu? this is bcuz of today is her birthday 1102198* ..yg ke berape terpakse dirahsiakan atas permintaan diri die dah xsweet likes before-before ne. ok to shah, she is my loving, my precious, my chef bcuz she very talented in baking cake and come out with the weird recipe and I'm gonna be her taster,my driver if i go to kl, my move-able wardrobe since we have the same taste so we can exchange our clothes  if in emergency case!!..she also my second dictionary after my 1st dictionary, OXFORD in case malas nk search in my dictionary!!  my news if ade info yg perlu di'update, and she is the person told me about NUFFNANG, she will tell me mane-mane tempt yg best and enjoy to go to, and dot dot dot..

So to my dear rocking sister SHAH since today is the Special Day that's representing the day you have open your eyes to see this World early than me. In so many ways and in so many days you have made my worl happy, warm  and loving even time kecik2 dulu suke gado..With All My Love, HAPPY HAPPY BRITHDAY K.TEH !! muackksss

SHAH and her indulgence young sis -- ME  :-)) 

p/s sorry i need to wish and publish your birthday in my blog due to insufficient credit RM0.05 !!


Merah Baldu said...

im really touching sis..huhu.neway thanks for the special entry dedication to me..wait for me ok.

zaizax said...

we r alwys waitin waitingg for uu huhuu