Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baked Is Fun

On Friday night , Since we all teringin sangat nak makan cake. So, we planned to bake Chocolate Cake!! yuhuu..

Activity utk memBAKING chocolate cake  will be start by this midnight by three young lady
Unfortunately,Miken yg kecoh2 nak buat cake dah surrender awl2 because of she have to meet her special BF yg dtg nun jauh from KL so she have to packing her bag and back to Sg.Petani (thanks Miken sbb sponsor TOL, thanks to AKU juge bcuz safely drive her back ) . 
That means, this activity only joined by ZAI and MIA and plus my MAK( to guard us sbb ape? sbb not really expert hee)

shall we start now ??

 main ingredient to bake chocolate cake

eggs yg pecahh sbb saye yg pecahkan 

Mia yg over excited mengAYAK tepung

p/s Mia!! see I already upload your pic, baru aku sedar yg Mia ade talent utk mengAYAK tepung  so to ank teruna out there, ne ha dh jumpe calon isteri yg terer bt cake

before baked

already to be bake

haaa, dah masak 

p/s  we have to wait it till 1.30 am !! Mia already sleep, I'm blogging and facebooking. So sape yg tggu cake ne
masak ? answer is MY MAK !! lurve U MAK

Ready to Eat !

terpakse dishortkan since the weather is  not so good. seem like nak ribut taufan kilat sabung menyabung nak suh Zai tiido awal..
to EKIN aka MUN...lapaw ?miss my chocolate cake kan  hehee nikmatilah pic2 chocolate cake prepared by us..
its superb yummy Chocolate Cake eventho first time buat..hee


Merah Baldu said...

i've already post the comment.where it is??huh..its look yummy..pasni bleh amek mia tukang ayak tepung.hahah

zaizax said...
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zaizax said...

tu ah pasal..syikin@ank tunggul pon ade coment this entry but i duno where its gone??ahha neway yepss..after ne boleh bwk balik mia ke umh slalu ..tolong ayk tepungg ..3times tuuu die ayak tepung tu halusss ahahha ciwiii jer

babablacksheet..=) said...

lapaq kek hg...!bufday aku nti tempah siap2..buat ntok aku okey..;)

zaizax said...

hahaa,..baekkk ekin!!ahha bila nth bufday hg nth hahhaha