Wednesday, June 20, 2012

015 : Shocking Blue

at the end of semester, mesti student akan dihantui oleh Dinner. Cakap pasal dinner, tendency untuk student perempuan to get headache lagi tinggi than student lelaki. Yerla, mana nak bayar duit dinner lagi, mana nak cari tudung yang match dengan  baju la, nak cari color baju lah, kasut, clucth, bla bla bla bla and the list go on. Kalau student lelaki, just easy je kan. Pakai je slack hitam, match with any long-sleeve, dh siap boleh pergi dinner. Tak kesah tema dinner apa, semua masuk. 

memandangkan this is my last sem (InsyaAllah!), so by hook or by crook, our batch kena la pergi just to show our commitment and sign of appreciation to our lecturer yang bertungkus bagai nak lumus prepare for our dinner. Perasaan mula-mula boikot tak nak join any dinner terpaksa mengalah dengan pujuk rayu lecturers. ala bayar RM20 je, makan, makan, makan and just enjoy the dinner je kan.Tapi part pilih baju to match with the theme dinner, CELEBRITY tu yang leceh.

This is what I want to wore on that night....BUT

....But, things happen other way around...he he

Shocking Blue is my choice.I pear this color together with shocking blue blouse from SEED, tall chiffon maxi dress from, and shocking blue Pashmina which I believe you can find it at any shop easily. 

super junior of Alleycats wanna be - Annas

Amy Winehouse in the house???

Rock and Roll -ZAILA, super talented Datin-Zahidah, pinky blushing girl yang ayu sangat -Zu..oh yeah. I just realize that our name start with Z..Zu,Zaila,Zahid,Zai

anyway, this is my last minute mix and match .Simple aite? I believe on "less is better"..

till then, Bye.

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