Friday, April 1, 2011


procrastination.  okay, I'll do it later lah. That is a normal among us, in students life.  but, I do believe its same goes to our lecturer. they always keep reminds on us don't do last minute work instead of saying Ehh, sama lah dengan I . Of course I don't tell them that they are just like us . we breath from the same environment. so everyone has this sense, Procrastinate human.  but this time, i really want to put the blame on our lecturers. last minute assignment,pop-quizzes ,test etc etc . it is nearly to the end of the sem la ms.mdm.sir!  just 2 weeks left before the final, we need to have some meditation. yeah I guess now I could really understand the term of the workload etc etc. haaiihh....

1st april - april fool - but april is not fool