Friday, November 5, 2010

our privilage as student....

cravings to update my blog ? sense - empty . sorry for my ignorant esp to my scandallious etc.  busy with my final exam . another 2 more paper ! go go goo . but still have time to hang out with  my 2M1W (miken, meera, wan). habis je paper social marketing at 12noon , jln tar is our destination. I do not realize that we going to celebrate Deevali, so bila je sampai situ, baru aware most of people walking by is Indian and ada booth jual laddhu, maruku, sari. woo malaysia mau celebrate deepavali sudah. Happy Deevali Malaysian !!

o yea, pegi jln tar bukan mahu bershopping sakan likes our mak/mak cik makcik pergi bershopping yah. but with one mission, secret ! (still keep as secret )

since pergi situ without sempat lunch, then perut dibiar kosong till petang. maka terus sakit. dah settle dekat jln tar, we move on to kg baru. seeking for lunch+tea time+dinner package untuk makan! miken recommend  kedai SHIP Ship in kg baru. tapi satu hal, mencari kedai tu. tak tahu berapa kali wan (our official driver on that day ha.ha) pusing, reversed, bla bla. dah gived up still tak jumpa. then last choice tanya orang ! great ideas ait??  and finally, we got the right direction. umm, kedai tu miken call SHIP cuz kedai tu bentuk Ship. tapi exact name restaurant tu bukan SHIP okay.

taste not so great, thumbs down :( but the specialty taste so yummy- salmon+rice

after that tak mau balik hostel lagi. so next tempat is klcc, pergi window shopping saja. bukan shopping ya. but most of the time was spent for lepaking outside the klcc,  stepping away from crowded people. we need fresh air utk brainwash otak kasi fresh balik (fresh la sangat kan udara situ kan )

this act was copied from one foreigner girl. acting like we are tourist.aloooha !

and time to say bai-buy ...
and back to our little room (4x4) 
survives for up-coming paper.

same goes with this one, copied from one hot uncle yg tgh jogging dekat situ..aha moment gurls

ps- starting now on ward, my entry will be publish without comment (yea !! )