Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bundle of bufday

again another post about birthday celebration
( think to replace my blog mainamezai, and it all about birthday celebration.. its coollioo or just cool ? )

Everyone on their special day looks ahead for a challenging and splendid future. We all celebrate birthdays as a remark of completing one more memorable year in the span of life, a new milestone towards eternity. No matter what the age, caste and creed, birthdays are always celebrated with fun, make us cherish some olf moments and look forward for new experiences and anticipation on let me start with this speech (^__^)

 first birthday is Miken ~ 22 Sept 1989 ( I'm sorry, she is taken..hehehe )

The photo was taken at SACC's  Noodle station, 21 sept 2010
in the middle, miken. her birthday in advance. we celebrated one day before her actual date of birth.
i do believe we share the common thing. rite rite !!!

 this time, no more cake, no more fruits, no ice-cream like what we did in meera and my birthday.
just donuts and blueberry cheese tart
* the pic represent 21, cant see ? buat2 je nampak mcm 21

 second birthday my older sister ~ 24 September, year ?
i cant remember. (not my attention to make it secret, doesn't make a sense at all )

The photo was taken at Queensbay mall, Penang, few day after raya, 2009
susah lol nak cari betul-betul gambar my sis yang sorang ni. she not camera freak like Me.doe.
she not like us, not like me ,not like u, not like everyone, she super-normal. but i love her whatever she was, she my entertainment at home. and I supposedly say my parents is the greatest parents for taking very good care toward my sis yang sorang ni. happy birthday in advance noorshahida saidin !

third birthday My Ayah ~ 27 September 1948

The photo was taken at my house during 1st raya 2010
Because my Ayah, Pokcik Saidin is turning 62 i want to get him something special a bit more special than a bottle of stoli and some socks. he likes to cook,cooked and cooking. My Ayah crazily  jump into this field after he retired and become full time househusband, replacing my Mak. No wonder, if he know my friends will come to our house, he will buy lot lot lot lott of food., one way to show up his appreciation maybe ..pss he love shopping too, to accompany my dad during shopping time is so hectic!! you will blame your stiletto, pump shoes, wedges, high heel even sports shoes while you get along with my dad at shopping mall..sobs..sobss Definitely, I love him too, cuz he is my Ayah loh. freaky hobby, he love to collect pinggan-mangkuk rather then go to hardware store. so we all tak payah risau pasal pinggan and mangkuk anymore.

* SO, dear readers lets share together your bufday with me, and tell what your friend, family had done during your big-bigger day..ahha

~ happy birthday Virgo + Libra ~

* panda eyes are now so in trend (o,0)
Ok, back to my original topic ‘A Wish From My Mom’. Everything started with a simple conversation. We were talking about my little brother, D’dous, of what he should become when he grow up later.
Mom: He can be a Doctor. With his attitude, he gonna be the best.
Me : Oh. Yup. He will. So, what about Fatimah? What did she pick for her major?
Mom: Bla bla bla (I can’t remember)
Me : So, let D’dous become a dentist then. He should be fine with that. Right?
Mom: Nope. I want him to become a surgeon.
Mom: He is good with things related to hand and he is precise too.
Mom: I really want a dentist in the family. The person can take care of our toothache.
Me : Oh, so.. Who then?
Mom: I think I wanna have a daughter in-law which is a dentist. So, Salaam, go and find one.
Me : Erk? Me?
Mom: I have a friend. Her children are studying medicine. Perhaps, she got one.
Me : =.=’
Haha. I think she can read my mind. Yup. I want to find a doctor as my soulmate. Does this mean I am choosy? However, so far, I have none of my friend of people that I knew, is studying for dentistry. I have friend who currently studying medicine, but there’s only, and she is my Kakak too. Currently, she’s studying in Indonesia. Definitely, she told me that she is on her way to become a great surgeon too.
So, I’m left with no one. Hahaha. If you’re asking me why a dentist? Honestly, I don’t know why, but if it does satisfy my mom, I’m good with it.
Sorry Eddie, I had to interfere your market. It is my mom’s wish. Hehe.


♥-- emieysandra --♥ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY kepada semua..

iemaZAIMAH said...

tiada apa yang menarik pada birthday saya tahun ini.sob3 :(

iqbalsyarie said...

Oh..selamat hari raya dan selamat hari jadi.Moga sentiasa dalam kebaikan :)

1st time drop sini,very nice blog!

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-Andai aku tahu.....
-Ulama Politik ?

zai said...

emieysandra :

hye dear, first time dtg sini ker?
thanks emiey :))

eima :

ahha, tone nada sis boleh imagine betapa sodeh nye kamo. its ok, neva mind, next year still ada, with new gurlfren around you, maybe BOYFREN..mesti best =P

Iqbal :

hye iqbal, selamat hari raya and thanks for the wish :))

thanks untuk pujian NICE BLOG..ahhaa

eh, kamo bukan ker kawan cik Macy kiter ker ?

Aida Effarina said...

birthday sy takde sape nak celebrate pun. haha..

zai said...

aida :

bufday kamo bila aida ? kesian betoi

hamzah ian said...

birthday gua oktober.. kena ckp ke? hahahha

zai said...

ian :

cakap jela. bilenya bln oct tu ian ?

Abu Luqman said...

salam singgah pagi..jenis u punya s box susah nak enter...leh tukar...

zai said...

abu luqman..

ye ek, hoo.
will be change..dulu dah taruk, then removed, so baru taruk dis week..

thanks yer

Anonymous said...

hepi bday to all..
hepi belated bday to u..
hepi eniversary to us.. ehh??

panda eyes, u still look gorgeous ;D

zai said...

macy :

sumbang nya kamu menyanyi...ahahahah
anniversary ?bila bila ?

ape tu gorgeous? i tak paham..hahahhaa

Aida Effarina said...

3rd may 1992. ingat sampai mati taw. jgn lupa pos present sekali. =p

zai said...

3may..senang igt...sampai mati?IA