Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lets Turn Your Lights OFF !!

save your folder, your assignment, your data , charge your laptop, phone and for sure click on PUBLISH POST a.s.a.p in case if you have intention to post your new entry :-) Since tomorrow is not my birthday yet not your birthday juga,  I would like to declare that the world will go for dark for only one hour on 27 March 2010 . That means,  there's just under one day, in fact only few hours left to countdown, to go before Earth Hour 2010 .  It is one of the way to support the world to reduce global warming that obviously come to be so worse. Seriously, I vowed !

I saw a lot of misunderstanding about earth hour program. The aim is  actually to create awareness about global warming, its not about turning  off the light to save energy for one hour to reduce global warming  process. NO. you're definitely wrong, even my dad think the same too ! haiyaa ayahh

Create awareness here  mean, we can use that one precious hour to sit back and think about what we've  done, we waste an energy for unnecessary thing, turning off the  non-essential lamp,  is just an example how we can do something about  energy waste.

Turning off the light is a way to show to the  everybody, its a symbolic, so we realize that people of earth can  actually united together to stop global warming. We should know that  turning off the light only doesn't make any major impact at all. So the  objective of the program is much much more than about switching off the  light.

If you still remember, during earth hour last year,Google website  suddently turn into dark (black background) to show support on earth  hour. My friends told me since I'm offline from surfed the internet, hey, again I do support EARTH HOURS 2009 last year okk . evident ? here the picture

~ only 5 minute we stayed in the dark since we had formal event , does it still can be consider as support earth hours campaign ?
oh yea, with me is sue ~

So guys , how to appreciate one hour on EARTH HOUR night ? I have an idea, and I think it such an awesome+great + memorable+ adorable and again w.s.e . I believe  if you guys try this game, it will be unforgettable freakiest earth hours memory you did celebrate or seem like " what you did last summer " movie  ..and the game I would like to suggest is lets we play "spirit of the coin " !!  huhuu, see quite interesting and exciting right ? did you ever try to play this horror game ?hey come on, tak remaja lah if you never try this stupid game, oh yea I'm one of the person who not call as remaja lah, since I never ever try to play with this suck game, syirikk nehh

how to play ? lets we start with saying spirit-spirit of the coin, please come to the game OR spirit-spirit of the game, please come and play ..and keep saying until the coins is moving  :
spirit, spirit of the coin, please come to the game....spirit, spirit of the coin please come to the game...spirit, spirit of the coin...until you go to the new world, twilight zone !!

back to track to support EARTH HOUR campaign !
Remember, its just for one hour, not more than that. If me can switch off my lights how about you guys ?
whatever it was, I need to find a life outside  the internet anyway, so I support EARTH HOURS 2010 tomorrow 8.30 - 9.30 pm in Malaysia .


iema_z said...

waaaaaaaaa...kite join gak laz year!bergelap dlm dewan sbb mse tu ade lthn drama..

Dashing Days said...

last year aku merayau tgh kegelapan malam.tapi agk kesal sbb still ade yg degil xmau tutup lampu..muke sadin je tgk tibi gelak2 umah terang bnderang..nak sound kang jadi rude..last skali maki dlm hati hehehe

FaTiN said...

tahun lepas sambut kat kolej dgn kawan2 best sgt! tapi rasanya sambut kt umah je la. akan kupaksa adik2 tutup tv dan x buka facebook HAHA

zaizax said...

eima : drama? mcm best..dr

days : maki dlm hati, hati ko jugak jadi mangsa, tula psl, xde awareness lgsg, at least ttp la 10 mnt ke ok la jugak kan

fatin : good kakak, thumbs up!! buka fb tu thumbs down blk

Mr.Z said...

bersemangat hour!hehe..mari kita save the world dan bergelap beramai2 :D

zaizax said...

me.z : dh abs pon earth hour, yesh go go green tiba-tiba

jane said...

lupank tutp mlm td


tkpe, jgn skdr tutup tp tk jg alam skitar pon hakikatnya...btul tak?

jom think greennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

mizzura said...

lorr..tak celebrate pun..dlm majlis kenduri...takkan nk bergelap..haha..

zaizax said...

jane : jom jom fikir hiju, gn pikir biru plak

mizzura : hee, itu dikecualikan

maCy said...

ouh.. tak terbuat ketika ini.. T___T