Sunday, March 27, 2011


less pin, more air. that call trendy. walking up to my faculty, my eyes will rested on the Malay-Jawa-Gypsy girl wearing those exotic scarf on the top of their head. without need to pin it off, just let the rest of the scarf hanging, that what we call LESS PIN, MORE AIR. It good for the sake of air circulation and doesn't need to consume so much time to wear it and yet simple and still look gorgeous.  I do believe it would effected for those in brooch/pin/kerongsang industry ;-) BUT, just to bear in our mind with this phrase....

Hadis nabi :"barangsiapa yang meniru sesuatu kaum, maka ia termasuk dari kalangan mereka" – riwayat Abu Daud. 

picture courtesy to Google