Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broga Hill phenomenon

assalamualaikum and hello dears,

finally, one of my 2011 resolutions came true. A hiking trip to Broga Hill, Semenyih with my few friends. with 4 cars we drove from s.alam but then we separated into two group since we (me, miken, meera, faiz) wants to go for hike before subuh, so we all gerak dulu then followed up by the rest of my friends after subuh. you still can perform subuh at the top of the hills okay.

we spent such a precious moment climbing the hill, that extremely not really tough to hike. yea, definitely it will be tough for you if you climb so early in morning such like me. not me. us ! and syukur alhamdullilah, meera and me able to reach the third peak before 5.30am. there is no traffic congestion (manusia lah ) if you go early morning .unfortunately miken and her bf, Faez pancit dekat first lookout point lagi since miken got asthma so dia dah surrender awal-awal lagi. meera make my dream come true beb since she always shouted at me ' zai, we can  do it! dont waste my energy la kalau setakat nak stop dekat first lookout point okeh ! it still penat even u got high stamina sebab both of us keep sweating sampai shawl/selendang yang I pakai pun habis basah lencun. you know lencun which means my shawls totally kalau perah keluar air. haha.

to see the beautiful scenery of sunrise, masyallah!! extra wWooow. Speechless.

on our way down, it become packed with thousands of people, and its funny to see pe'el (perangai) orang yg bagai2

amazing rite babehh ??

this what make people motivated to go for broga hill.hehe

for more wooow picture of broga hill, just Google it. oh yea, all the picture i took from my friends since I feel not really in mood to capture all the moment. plus just me and meera sahaja yg berjalan sampai ke atas. so both are tired loooh tu pasal tak bergambar. rugi kan. takpe next time ada lagi.

what next meera miken ?? jeng jeng jeng !!


ZWAN SABRI said...

Mcam best jer Broga Hill tuu..
btw, best ke? Ahaks!

zai said...

zwan :

mst la best zwan, ala tmpt datuk muzafar bt shooting pre-wedding dia tu, yg gmbr lalang2 banyak sgt tu.view cantek hoo

Aida Effarina said...

sis, next time sy nk follow! =p

zai said...

aida :

nak follow? on sajaa.tapi nak p tu taktaw la bila pulak kan.hee